Friday, 16 January 2009

Crop night

Crop night tonight. A smaller crowd tonight than usual. Maybe I will have a chance to scrapbok myself? LOL, probably not. I always say that and either I have last minute croppers show up or something else takes up my time. No biggie. I'd rather the store have good business... I'm rather used to scrapbooking on my own now. I get more done that way.

If I do have time, maybe I will work on a sample with the Tinsel Town line. You know, give some people inspiration for the monthly contest. Lord knows I have plenty of Christmas pictures...I have finished all of last Christmas yet!

So I baked brownies but realized I am out of diet soda - ugh! I've got to run out in that nasty cold to get some - bleecky! Tables are set up and tables wiped down. I've put most of the new inventory up, but still have to price some of it. Things always sell better when they are clearly marked with a price. The good news is I am making good progress getting the web updated. I've vowed to work at least an hour a day updating it until it's perfect (ha! easy for me to say! But little Noah has other ideas about how I spend my time).

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