Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Welcome Friends

Welcome to by Blog

I get so many inquiries as to what it's like to run a scrapbook store, or how to get started. So I thought it would be fun to track the day to day operations of running my business. What better time to start, than the start of a new year, right? so...

Count, count count…Have been doing inventory for days. There must be an easier way to track this without investing in an expensive software package. And I mean seriously, as a one woman operation, could I really take the time to track over 800 products without spending all my time at a computer?

Will be so glad when the inventory is done. Then I can move on to the next bane of my existence…updating the web site. I suppose if I tracked all orders through the website that would solve the inventory problem. I guess it’s the thought of all that data entry when I go out to vendor at shows…and how would I handle the big shows at the convention center?

If I am going to grow, I will have to solve this problem. In the mean time, it’s back to counting…count count count….

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