Saturday, 28 March 2009

Whirlwind day...

It's crazy, absolutely crazy.. I am sitting on the floor in my empty store emptying out the contents of my clearance bin, in order to have something to hang in my booth at the convention center tomorrow.

To say that shopper's liked the new product would be an understatement!! The Flourish brackets? one left. Alissa flowers? gone. Baptism stickers? gone ballet stickers? gone... again!(I have got to order more ballet stuff!!!) In fact all of the stacked titles are gone. Not to mention that almost $1800 worth of inventory I ordered this week that is almost all gone. Only thing left of that is the paper, which has been selling very well too.

The big hit of the show in particular seems to be the overlays (some left) and transparencies (all gone).

So there is going to be a lot of late nights this week (again...LOL) while I take down the items I won't be re-stocking and adding the new sold out items that never made it to the web, but will be re-ordered. I estimate having to update literally hundreds of products to get the website back up to date... but that's a good problem to have.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Seriously, when it comes to scrapbooking supplies, I want it all! I can control myself when it comes to clothing, even shoes and purses...But when it comes to the store, it's so hard. There are so many cute things to buy!

Met a new sales rep today, and she brought me so many tempting things! While it's definately a fun part of owning a store, it's can also be the hardest. What do I like? What do I like that will sell? And what don't I like, but I know will sell anyway?

For instance, I don't like water paper. But I did buy some last year because it was a great price, and I thought, I think people do like this stuff...and of course it sold like hot cakes!

nd just speaking of's the hardest thing to bring in. Every one wants new paper, but it's the most expensive to buy. It costs $10 - $18 just to bring in one paper pack, and there are usually 6 prints to each style. But it takes time to get that money back before you start making a profit (I have some paper in my clearance bin that I've had more than a year!) I'm bringing in at least 4 new paper lines this week, so you do the math...It gets expensive quick!

So I have at least 5 catalogs to go through and wish and drool over...I am hoping I do so well this weekend I can order what I want.

Then again, I may bomb, right?

Ugh! I think I've been having panic attacks for weeks now. Just a couple more days and my first convention show will be over. PLease let me do I can buy more paper. LOL

Monday, 23 March 2009

Impromptu Winner!

Congratulations Julie! As a thank you for leaving a comment on the web, you win this "Sweet Baby" page kit in your choice of boy or girl. Email my your address ( and I will send you your kit when it's released next month. :)

Busy busy week.... Today I ordered flame retardent spray for my table cloths (convention fire code), tried to redeesign and order new business cards (no go) priced several hundred sheets of paper, bought 160 paint brushes for goody bags and tracked my order from distributor to make sure the almost $2000 worth of stuff actually gets here before Friday.

Wheh...I'm going to bed. Maybe tomorrow I will get business cards!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Sweet Baby - Final page

Friday and the first day of spring....and the night of a crop. Thankfully, there is not too much going on today. Hopefully I can get things ready pretty easily. Clean the bathroom and kitchen, bake brownies or cake, set out sodas and pretzels...

But first, let's finish up the Sweet Baby lay out.

1)Choose where your pictures will be. I just laid out brown cardstock as place holders, rather than juggle pictures around.

2)Lay out the squares in a pattern around the cardstock. I laid it all out first and then glued it down when I liked how it looked. No rulers, just eye it as best you can.

3)Using Kaisercraft rhinestones in aqua, and a dinner plate as a template, I out a circle around the whole thing.

4)Finally, I cut a title using the Opposites Attract cartridge frfom my Cricut Expression.

Voila! hope you like it! I will be designing the classes for April, May and June this weekend..I'll be sure to take pictures of those for posting later this summer.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Sweet Baby - step 2

Sorry I can't get on every day, but it gets so busy trying to run my family AND run my store. It's no wonder, I don't have time to pee until dinner sometimes, and I realized I only ate one meal today...

Anyway, I taught this layout to the ladies out in Blue Bell the other night, and they did a great job! So easy...the hardest part is cutting out all those squares. Speaking of which.

OK, remember when I said you wanted to get about 6 coordinated papers? Well, you're going to cut about 6 - 10 one and a half inch squares in each color, then corner round the squares. Some of the papers I used were just scrap, but others included GCD studios Sonata , Sunset Silhouette and Zen Bamboo.

(Hint, the George cartridge for the Cricut Expression here at the store will cut corner rounded squares. Remember, you can use the Cricut for just a $1 all night at Friday night crops).

Next installment? Laying it all out.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sweet Baby

New Project. Entitled mine Sweet Baby (Yay! Noah finally has a layout to call his own!), but really could be anything. This was mostly scraplifted from CK, but I added a 2nd page and some of my own elements. I am teaching the completed project tonight to my ladies in Blue Bell. Follow along if you like.

Start with two pages of white cardstock. For tomorrow, pick about 6 colors of coordinated colors in either monochromatic or contrasting colors. I chose greens, blues and yellows.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Bloom where you are planted

Don't have a lot of time to write today. Had an outside crop to vendor at on Saturday. That means I had to get the store packed up Friday, do the crop, then get it all unpacked for tonight's class....all with a sleepy- but-refusing-to-sleep 4 month old!

By the way, if you did attend the Saturday St James crop, and you did get a goody bag, here is the picture I promised of the finished product from the page kit. Sorry it's so dark - I'm so rusheed today! I titled mine "Bloom where you are planted" Sorry I couldn't the "where you are planted" part to show up better. Maybe I should re-do with lighter letters? You can see it much better in person, so maybe I'll just leave it alone or leave for my "free time" LOL

Friday, 13 March 2009

OK, it's the moment you've been waiting for all week, right?! The box is mostly done. I do plan on decorating cards and adding recipes, but that will be an ongoing procoess.

I used the new Bo Bunny silk flowers in Pet shop and U Bug me, with buttons from my embellishment bar in the centers. "Recipes" was added using a mix of the Bo Bunny bare naked chipboard and flourishes, with some basic grey letters added for interest. Finally, trracing some of the natural lines in some sparkling Stickles added a nice final touch.

I loved working on this, and hope you enjoyed following me along. If you liked these Promenade papers, trying using them for this month's contest!

PS - If you love the new Bo bunny colors, stay tuned... I will be adding the other accessories to the web site just as soon as I can get my cranky little one to sleep. Papers will be added next month (backordered, darn it!)

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Recipe Box Day 4

Getting close! Only one more day, and my little project will be compete. The photo box is a standard size box available anywhere, so tomorrow, I'll post all the dimensions, should you want to try this yourself.

OK, so on to the sides of the base of the box. This time I used Petticoat paper. I thought the stripes would add some nice contrast. Now you can handle this one of two ways.... You can cut the paper to match the size of the box sides, or you can wrap it under the box "present" style. I chose to wrap the sides under and miter the corners by folding the paper under.

back sidee of paper with folded corners:

Sides of base:

Base and lid together:

Up tomorrow? I'll add a label for the box and decorate it some to make it even more fun and pretty. I have a shipment with some new flowers coming in... I'll have to see if they match!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Day 3 Recipe Box

This project is going so fast, I can't believe how quickly it's going from ugly to beautiful (...if I do say so myself).

OK, next step is similiar to the last. Measure the sides of the lid and cut the paper to the same size. Again, I cut it slightly smaller so as to just bump up against the edges.

When I do these types of projects, I use my Diamond Glaze. While it's fun to work with on top of paper, it's perfect for use as an adhesive. Just beware, a little goes a long way!

While I used the Dreams paper for the top, I opted for Pinwheel for the sides of the lid.

So far so good! Tomorrow, I'll do the sides of the base.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Day 2 of the recipe box

Recipe box has definately struck a chord with some... I received an email from D.B. :

"I love the recipe box idea and can attest to how much your kids will love having them as the go off on their own (it happens all too soon). My kids were forever calling me for their favorite recipes and I am thinking that I should be helping my daughter-in-law gather hers for the five grandkids! One graduates from high school next year already.

The recipe box class is one I would definitely sign up for! That would help me get started - the more I think about this, it is a perfect Christmas present for our family tradition, started in 2008, "The Gift Of Words". No store-bought presents for each other - only criteria is that the gift you give others has to involve "words". It was a great success and the first year's creations were imaginative and treasured the day they were received."

Hmmmmm, a class making a recipe box....That's a great idea! If you're interested, let me know. I only need about 4-5 people to run a class, and we could do this one in under 2 hours easily.

Anyway...Time for another 10 minutes of work. I've measured the top of the box lid and cut the paper to the same size only slightly smaller. Why?

When I do these projects, I let the paint show through...much easier than trying to get the paper edges to meet up perfectly. I'd make myself crazy trying to get that perfect and in the end, probably fail anyway! So I cut the paper slightly smaller to let those painted edges show through.

Tomorrow? I'll do the sides of the box lid.

March/April Contest

As promised, here is the next monthly contest!

Use the new We R Memory Keepers Promenade line as well as one of the Pencil Line sketches below to create a single or double page layout for any theme. Layout should be inspired by sketch but not a direct copy. The more unique (but clearly sketch inspired) the more you score with the judges.

Again, product should be 85% products from Scrap with Shelby and is due by midnight April 30th (show it to me at the store, email me or post here on the blog). Winner’s entry will be published in the May newsletter/blog. Winner will receive a selection from Basic Grey’s new Wisteria line which I will have available early April. Good luck!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Recipe Box

I make killer salsa and guacamole. I’m not bragging. Seriously…it’s one of my few talents. Anyone who has had it, loves it. I've had people who think they don't like guacamole (um, that stuff in a jar is NOT guacamole!) say they absolutely love it! So it’s not surprising that it makes a regular appearance at our dinner table.

Friday night, one of my design team members was working on a recipe album. Now, I have never really understood the purpose of doing recipe albums or boxes up scrapbook style. I mean come on! How can I work on something like that when I am a year behind scrapbooking my kids (yes, Noah is 4 months old, and doesn’t have a single page devoted to him yet)? But I always smile politely because, hey, they are kind of cool even if it's not my cup of tea, right?

Anyway, when the crop as over, she was nice enough to leave behind an extra copy of a recipe that she had put in her book. Being the Mexican food junkies we are, I decided to make it Saturday night. And I had a revelation...

As I cooked, I thought about how appetizing it looked with the greens of the cilantro and the red of the enchilada sauce…and it hit me.

How often had I craved the regular dinners my mom made when I was growing up? I can remember walking into the kitchen and the delight I would feel when I realized she was making one of my favorites. I make good chili, but I can’t make it exactly like my mom does. And although my brown chop suey is good, it’s not exactly my moms. I’ll be honest though, I’ll be happy if I never had pepper steak and stuffed green peppers again! Man, I hated those!

My kids will have their favorites too, I’m sure. And I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if when they are out on their own, they could have those recipes? Better yet, in the far away future, when I am gone, they can look back fondly and remember warm family dinners...and make them for their kids.

So I was wrong, and I ahve learned my lesson. It’s not a silly project – it’s a brilliant one…one I plan on doing . I’ll be making my own recipe box this week spending only 10 minutes a day or less. Check back every day to see my progress.

I chose the ugliest photo box I could find... recycling at it’s best, making something beautiful out of a yard sale wannabe Follow me along...and if you send me your recipe project, I'll share my guacamole and salsa recipes!

Paint the edges where the paper will bump up. No need to waste paint and do the whole box, just the corners and edges will do.

Tune in tomorrow! I'll start adding paper to make my ugly box into a beautiful recipe box.

February contest winner

Congratulations to Brenda Kenny for winning the Tinsel Town layout contest. Brenda won a collection of papers and stickers from the Promenade line.

There were some other great layouts too. Check them out!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I'm back!

Wow, it's so hard getting back into the swing of things after taking a vacation... The bitter cold makes me miss the warm Florida weather even more!

Anyway, I was greeted by some great layouts in my inbox for the Feb contest and will decide the winner in the next few days. If you have a layout and still haven't submitted it, let me know TODAY.