Monday, 16 March 2009

Bloom where you are planted

Don't have a lot of time to write today. Had an outside crop to vendor at on Saturday. That means I had to get the store packed up Friday, do the crop, then get it all unpacked for tonight's class....all with a sleepy- but-refusing-to-sleep 4 month old!

By the way, if you did attend the Saturday St James crop, and you did get a goody bag, here is the picture I promised of the finished product from the page kit. Sorry it's so dark - I'm so rusheed today! I titled mine "Bloom where you are planted" Sorry I couldn't the "where you are planted" part to show up better. Maybe I should re-do with lighter letters? You can see it much better in person, so maybe I'll just leave it alone or leave for my "free time" LOL


Ruth said...

Very cute layout! Sorry I missed the page kit (and the crop :-( ) Is that K in the picture? When did that child get so grown up looking?

Shelby said...

Thanks, Ruth! You can recreate this pretty easily with your favorite paper and the "walk in my garden" Cricut Cartridge. :)

(PS - she is getting so grown up - isn't she?!)