Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Day 2 of the recipe box

Recipe box has definately struck a chord with some... I received an email from D.B. :

"I love the recipe box idea and can attest to how much your kids will love having them as the go off on their own (it happens all too soon). My kids were forever calling me for their favorite recipes and I am thinking that I should be helping my daughter-in-law gather hers for the five grandkids! One graduates from high school next year already.

The recipe box class is one I would definitely sign up for! That would help me get started - the more I think about this, it is a perfect Christmas present for our family tradition, started in 2008, "The Gift Of Words". No store-bought presents for each other - only criteria is that the gift you give others has to involve "words". It was a great success and the first year's creations were imaginative and treasured the day they were received."

Hmmmmm, a class making a recipe box....That's a great idea! If you're interested, let me know. I only need about 4-5 people to run a class, and we could do this one in under 2 hours easily.

Anyway...Time for another 10 minutes of work. I've measured the top of the box lid and cut the paper to the same size only slightly smaller. Why?

When I do these projects, I let the paint show through...much easier than trying to get the paper edges to meet up perfectly. I'd make myself crazy trying to get that perfect and in the end, probably fail anyway! So I cut the paper slightly smaller to let those painted edges show through.

Tomorrow? I'll do the sides of the box lid.