Thursday, 12 March 2009

Recipe Box Day 4

Getting close! Only one more day, and my little project will be compete. The photo box is a standard size box available anywhere, so tomorrow, I'll post all the dimensions, should you want to try this yourself.

OK, so on to the sides of the base of the box. This time I used Petticoat paper. I thought the stripes would add some nice contrast. Now you can handle this one of two ways.... You can cut the paper to match the size of the box sides, or you can wrap it under the box "present" style. I chose to wrap the sides under and miter the corners by folding the paper under.

back sidee of paper with folded corners:

Sides of base:

Base and lid together:

Up tomorrow? I'll add a label for the box and decorate it some to make it even more fun and pretty. I have a shipment with some new flowers coming in... I'll have to see if they match!