Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Seriously, when it comes to scrapbooking supplies, I want it all! I can control myself when it comes to clothing, even shoes and purses...But when it comes to the store, it's so hard. There are so many cute things to buy!

Met a new sales rep today, and she brought me so many tempting things! While it's definately a fun part of owning a store, it's can also be the hardest. What do I like? What do I like that will sell? And what don't I like, but I know will sell anyway?

For instance, I don't like water paper. But I did buy some last year because it was a great price, and I thought, I think people do like this stuff...and of course it sold like hot cakes!

nd just speaking of paper...it's the hardest thing to bring in. Every one wants new paper, but it's the most expensive to buy. It costs $10 - $18 just to bring in one paper pack, and there are usually 6 prints to each style. But it takes time to get that money back before you start making a profit (I have some paper in my clearance bin that I've had more than a year!) I'm bringing in at least 4 new paper lines this week, so you do the math...It gets expensive quick!

So I have at least 5 catalogs to go through and wish and drool over...I am hoping I do so well this weekend I can order what I want.

Then again, I may bomb, right?

Ugh! I think I've been having panic attacks for weeks now. Just a couple more days and my first convention show will be over. PLease let me do Okay...so I can buy more paper. LOL


Susie's Site said...

Love your site!

Shelby said...

Thanks, Susie! I am hoping to sell a lot at this convention this weekend, so I can buy even more cook stuff! You should see my wish list.... LOL It's bigger than a 10 year old at Christmas looking at the old Sear's Wish books - (remember those?)