Thursday, 19 March 2009

Sweet Baby - step 2

Sorry I can't get on every day, but it gets so busy trying to run my family AND run my store. It's no wonder, I don't have time to pee until dinner sometimes, and I realized I only ate one meal today...

Anyway, I taught this layout to the ladies out in Blue Bell the other night, and they did a great job! So easy...the hardest part is cutting out all those squares. Speaking of which.

OK, remember when I said you wanted to get about 6 coordinated papers? Well, you're going to cut about 6 - 10 one and a half inch squares in each color, then corner round the squares. Some of the papers I used were just scrap, but others included GCD studios Sonata , Sunset Silhouette and Zen Bamboo.

(Hint, the George cartridge for the Cricut Expression here at the store will cut corner rounded squares. Remember, you can use the Cricut for just a $1 all night at Friday night crops).

Next installment? Laying it all out.

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