Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


OK, really, I am not trying to put off this month's project. It's just these darn taxes are making me crazy.

Yes, I know. It's April 14th and my (business) taxes aren't done. So shoot me.

Hey, you wanted to know what owning a scrapbooking business was like, well I guess that involves the not so fun stuff too...

Like figuring out the cost basis (confession: I didn't actually know what a cost basis was, I had to look it up) of a business vehicle only to realize I didn't have to include the cost basis because the car was sold in 09 not make one little mistake (well, it didn't ask me when I sold it, just if I sold it! so much for easy interviews...)

Only turbo tax wouldn't let me take that part out, so I had to delete the entire vehicle and re-add it back in.

Still not done. I don't know what the interest is that I paid in 2008 because since I sold the car, I no longer have an online account to request it, so I have to call them and hope they give it to me....

Then on to state taxes. They wanted to know had I purchased out of state product that I didn't pay tax on. Um hello! Only ALL my inventory. Only I already paid the use tax on it, so why are they asking me that again? goofy I tell you.

And the kicker? My state sales tax and use tax is due toe 20th. pppffft!

On the flip side. My sister, a brand newly converted scrapbooker sent me her second layout tonight, and it was to DIE for. I mean, does THIS look like like the work of an amateur or a newbie? I think not. Guess who the newest member of my design team is?!!!

Products used: Tim Holtz Flourish mask, Ambrosia rub ons, Pink paislee Vintage Moon - Moon Glade paper, Creative Imaginations Fright Night dusk paper and the Pop fashion stamps and rhinestones.

Way to go Amanda! Email me and I will give you Amanda's instructions...

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Hop - step one

Oops! Sorry about that...I wanted to get right to it, but life got in the way. Ha ha, imagine got in the way of scrapbooking, like that ever happens! LOL

Anyway...Here is my inspiration:

Nothing but a gift bag...right? But something about the simple design just caught my eye. I thought it would make a pretty cute Easter page. And added bonus? it would be quick and easy as well. So off I hop to go find some paper to make this cute, I mean layout. LOL

Monday, 6 April 2009

Finding Inspiration

Everget stuck? You're ready to work, you *gasp* have the time...and nothing.

I've heard designers say...look around you for inspiration. I hate it when they say "look in deecorating magazines for color schemes and ideas..." I want to say, if I were a designer and saw those things, I wouldn't be sitting here with no ideas coming to mind, right?!

Well it happened. I was struck by something I saw at the grocery store and immediately I thought, there it is, there's my next lay out! It finally happened - Yay!!! Does that mean I am finally becoming a designer? I dunno, but who cares... I went from "nothing" to sumpin' !!

Tune in tomorrow for the my inspiration, and the rest of the week as I create my "inspired" Easter page.

Sunday, 5 April 2009


OK, all Ic an say is doing business taxes really stink! I've been doing them for about 60 hours now, and it just trying to find the fair market value for 2006 for the van I sold last month...or what I paid for electricity and utilities without the Quicken file I lost when my laptop died last Nov.

Good gravy...I am going to keep better records this year, I am going to keep better records this year, I am going to keep better records this year.....