Monday, 6 April 2009

Finding Inspiration

Everget stuck? You're ready to work, you *gasp* have the time...and nothing.

I've heard designers say...look around you for inspiration. I hate it when they say "look in deecorating magazines for color schemes and ideas..." I want to say, if I were a designer and saw those things, I wouldn't be sitting here with no ideas coming to mind, right?!

Well it happened. I was struck by something I saw at the grocery store and immediately I thought, there it is, there's my next lay out! It finally happened - Yay!!! Does that mean I am finally becoming a designer? I dunno, but who cares... I went from "nothing" to sumpin' !!

Tune in tomorrow for the my inspiration, and the rest of the week as I create my "inspired" Easter page.

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