Monday, 11 May 2009

May Newsletter Tip of the Month

Tinting clear rhinestones with alcohol ink:

OK, Here is a step by step on how I dyed the rhinestones. I learned this from Tim Holtz - check his website for amazing how to videos (and then come back to me to buy the product!)

Step 1. Get your bling, alcohol ink, a q-tip and some blending solution. The blending solution will let you lighten, blend or take off the alchohol ink.

Step 2. Carefully (a little goes a long long way!) add a drop of ink to coat the rhinestone.

Step 3. Let it set for just a minute

Step 4. Start to blend the color. If it's too dark, use some blending solution on a q-tip to lighten. If you want more color, add another drop!

Step 5. Voila! Beautiful jewel tone rhinestones in just the right color!

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