Tuesday, 28 July 2009

2 days to convention

Another busy day getting ready. I received my shipment from Prima and got that all priced and ready to go. Hopefully my last order from Notions will come tomorrow instead of Thursday....would be so helpful to get that priced and boxed with everything else.

Funny story, I found my dog pilfering through my Prima box. He saw all those items wrapped in plastic and thought, "there must be a bag a chips here somewhere!" ha ha ha.... Nope, just some really beautiful flowers and tags, and paper, and trims and rub ons....

Still working on my cozy corner and getting the stuff together for the extra raffle. I have an ad in the booklet to tell people to stop by. Also, anyone who brings me a customer will get a raffle ticket for each friend (in addition to their Pink Paislee) gift.

Still so much to do. I've been trying to get some decent sleep but I think tonight marks the first of many late nights!

There are still some crop openings for anyone who wants to come.

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Lisa said...

Loved readinng this thank you