Monday, 31 August 2009

OK, some inspiration to win that Basic Grey kit...

Here's an easy one. Make 5 of these out of scraps, and you're entered to win the contest. I saw this from Kaisercraft site of which I stock lots! Too too easy:

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Helping Our Military

This was posted by a scrapbooking friend of mine in a private group I belong to:

Cindy's son THOM and his unit are in the middle east and there is no where for our service men and women to buy cards to send home to their family and friends.

Cindy decided she was going to make cards for Thom to share with his unit...Several of our friends volunteered to help and I thought the Scrap with Shelby family could help too! Here is what they need... AND don't forget the ENVELOPES - they can't buy those either!

Miss You

Thank You




Thinking of You

I need the cards by Oct 5th so I can get them to her. Those that send me at least 5 cards will be entered for a special drawing to win a complete card kit from Basic Grey. They could choose from whatever I have in stock at that time.

Send cards to:

Scrap with Shelby
55 Glen Farms Dr
Collegeville, PA 19426

Friday, 28 August 2009

Challenge and some more new stuff...

I posted this on the Scrap with Shelby forum as a new challenge. There is a prize for this one ladies, so give it a whirl...

OK, as I mentioned in the other thread, I am cleaning out. So this is a 2 part challenge...

a) Pick one section of your scrap area to organize and clean out. Take a before and after picture.

b) Use something in a layout that you haven't used in more than a year. If you have been scrapping less than a year, use something you are hoarding - you know who you are!!! It's not too beautiful to use.

I would post a picture of my scrap space but it is truly embarrassing. i've started to organize it several times which has only made it worse. Now I've come clean and gone public, so if I don't finish you can all flame and flog me!!!

New Product! Yes, I am going to go back to catching up new product. This weekend, I will add the Kitchen Spice collection. I will have it up by Sat evening... Enjoy

And here's a lovely sample. Wasn't crazy about this line initially, but this layout makes me see some serious potential!!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Foiled again...

So much for the Cricut sale. I finally get a decent price on the supplies enough that I can offer a decent sale. Not much profit margin, OK very little, but at least I get to do something nice for my customers, right?

WRONG! Foiled again! Local chain store selling all cartridges, even the licensed ones at $39 this week. If I had known that, I wouldn't even have bothered.

When are mfgs going to learn that they can poop all over the little stores all they want, but eventually they will need us. They can offer the deep discounts to the chain stores, but it's us little guys that really feed the industry. And when the time comes that they need me to market their product, they should not be surprised when I don't have the space in my store for them.

$39 by the way is $16 below my C-O-S-T. How is that fair?

That's OK, there are plenty of FABULOUS mfgs who treat us little guys A-OK. We'll stick with them, won't we?

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Cricut Sale - 2 days only

See the Special Orders section of my website to place your order. Sorry guys, but my sale people only gave me 2 days. Maybe next time we will get more notice!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Prima Product Picks

Prima is in and I am having a blast with it. Check out their Product picks (they have an excellent blog for ideas!) then check out one of my layouts below.

I know it looks like it's bulky and may sit up too high on the page. Honestly, it isn't. the stud centers aren't any higher than brads. The pearls are cut in half, come pre-adhesived and are on big sticker, so they are easy to use. I even cut some pieces off so it the flourish would look exactly as I wanted.

See the forum for the other Prima layout, but here is Cherish and Adore:

Thursday, 20 August 2009


Anyone? Anyone? bueller?

That's how many sheets of paper I had to sell to buy my brand new Mac computer last night for the store.

Excited to get it up and running. This old thing is just an old relic. It was only meant to be used for journaling/printing, but since my laptop died in the middle of the economy crises, I was stuck with it until business picked up.

Long term goal is to put on photoshop and a 12 inch printer/scanner so we can do some hybrid scrapbooking. I'll never go full digital - I like the touchy feely part of scrapbooking too much. But I wouldn't mind the look of a hybrid - a cross between the two - on my pages.

I don't have to like that digital is coming. But I can certainly adapt and roll with it. :)

Toying with buying some Scribble Scrabble for some upcoming classes. Trying to decide if I need the new paper or if Ic an do the same layouts with what I have. I do find it's easier to just buy what I need and tuck it away. It's the worst when prepping materials for a class only to realize you need 5 more sheets of this, or 2 sheets of that...

Problem is, as much as I like Scribble SCrabble, it's history of selling is questionable. It either sells great or not at all... A nice chunk of my clearance paper at convention was Scribble Scrabble... But the layouts are good so we'll see.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Delilah is here...along with some late nights

I promised I would tell what it was like to run a scrapbook store. But I tend to tell only the pretty side, the fun of ordering new paper, the deliveries, the free samples I occasionally get. But for whatever reason, I tend to skip the negative for the most part. I guess I don't want to bum anyone out. But let me tell you, there are some late nights.

I choose to run my business part time so that I can stay home during the day with my kids. Is it wierd having a store run by appt? Yes, and I am sure I am missing out on business, but better that than to miss my kids growing up. So Iget the best of both worlds, running a successful scrapbook store and staying home with my kids.

However, that means some pretty late nights, even when I just want to crawl into tonight. But I am getting some major shipments now and it's all I can do to get it up on the web fast enough. Seriously, there is stuff that's been in the store for weeks that isn't on the web yet!

OK, on to the fun stuff. Delilah from Bo Bunny. Beautiful stuff.

In addition to the paper (the cut outs are slightly delayed, btw) I am also carrying the stickers, rub ons, flowers and stamp. And just to give you an idea on how to use it, here's some pretty samples Bo Bunny made up.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Designing new classes

Possibly my most favorite and most hated chore is designing new classes. I have the team coming next month to set things up into the future, but I feel like I want to get Nov at least started before the next newsletter. AFter all, people are already signing up for Oct classes.

I love it when I get to sit and plan and play and create. When you hit on that one layout you just know will be a hit, it feels awesome., I can go back and look at that layout and never get tired of it. There's never that feeling of "I should have done this" or that little something that picks at you.

I hate it when I am under the gun and I have to work fast and all the above just comes back to haunt me, before the class, during, then after when I try to decide what to do with the sample.

Right now I am working with blank overlays. tim holtz is coming up with his own blank masking sheets...Why can't I do the same?

I bought Grafix .07 plastic sheets and have been playing. So far a) Cricut will not cut through it (will try the deep set blade next) b) a punch will if you press hard enough and c) staz on stamps B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L-L-Y on it....if you don't let the stamp slide!

Will post a tutorial on this in a day or two in our new Forum. (Bear with us as we get started...why not join us today?) The Forum will be the new home for all the techniques, lessons, challenges and Scrapbook U! information...

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Flutter Butter

I am working on scheduling a design team meeting so we can start making new samples and classes. I love these meetings because I get to watch some really talented people just sit and create.

Hopefully I can get them to help me come up with the workshop classes for my first overnight scrapbooking retreat. It's something I've been wanting to do for awhile and now I've got the right place with the right price point. I'll make the first announcement in the next newsletter to see who's interested.

Anyway, the reason I need a DT meeting is, the new product is starting to arrive - Woo hoo!!!!

I know Twilight and Amber Road are going to be awesome, but probably one of my favorite new releases is Flutter butter by Bo Bunny.

It works for boys, it works for girls, and I am already thinking up classes I can teach with this. Bo Bunny has already come up with a great one:

I am actually wondering if these new flocked or glitter laces will be a good accent. It arrives tomorrow (Monday). I'll be sure to let you know!

Friday, 14 August 2009

It's Pink Paislee time!!!

I swear, my calendar has those big red "X's" on it, marking down the time to August 15th - the day Pink Paislee starts shipping their new lines. So in just 53 more minutes it will be the 15th - HOORAY!


So here's the scoop...Amber Road and Twilight will ship immediately with Mistletoe & Co shipping Oct 1 and Cupid shipping Dec 1.

I've already listed everything I'm going to carry at this point so take a look. If there is something you want that I am not carrying, let me know. It's hard to guess what people love and I do my best. Below are some highlights, my favorites really from each, but you've GOT to see the whole lines.

Amber Road:

Mistletoe & Co


And of course, we can't forget the fabulous new Expression Glitter letters in four colors (shown here in cherry):

I'm going to be checking all week for my deliveries!

25% off Basic Grey

As some of you know, I've been on the fence about what to do with their new lines and I've madee a decision. I am NOT going to carry the indiviudal paper lines, but instead am placing a single order Monday for what people specifically want.... at 25% off.

Hey, just because I am irritated with them doesn't mean you all should suffer, right?

So if you are interested in the paper collection kits, stickers, rub ons, woolies or cards kits drop me a note (Eerie, Eskimo kisses, Indian Summer or Nook and PAntrty only). I'll give you the details on how to order BY MONDAY. Sorry, it does not qualify for free shipping but I won't zap you either. Unlike some companies, I constantly update my shipping charts to reflect actual costs. And you local folks or Central Penn Crop folks can pick up it up free of cahrge.

OK, so call me by MONDAY. Store phone is 484-973-1232

I feel better doing this. Taking care of my customers should be my #1 priority and so this makes me feel like I am doing that.

Btw, I am going to stock all the new bling and bling it on so you don't have to pre-order that. :)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Surprise Secret Sale

OK, I as I go through the inventory after convention and am checking off what is sold out and discontinued, I am pleasantly surprised just how much is gone from my older stuff.

BUT, there is always room for improvement, right?

So if you read my blog your reward is a secret sale. That's right, a sale just for you. I'll newsletter a sale in a few weeks, but it won't be as good. So for everything that I brought to convention that is still in stock, take 20% off (my already discounted prices mind you)... UNLESS it Creative Imaginations - then take 40%. You can have it shipped for the standard rates or pick it up no charge.


The thing is, it has to still be in stock. I am still marking the paper out of stock (keep in mind I have 800 items so this taking me some time). So for example, I think all the old Fancy Pants is gone (there is still some of the Summer Soiree and Delight). I am just starting the paper now so keep in mind, you may not get your paper, OK?

For best selection shop now, because like I said, I will announcee this sale to my regulars in about a week.

Remember now, it's everything I brought to convention. Does not count anything new announced at CHA (which isn't even on my website yet) nor the smooch which is already discounted anyway.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

the down side of owning a store

I've said it before, the more brilliant the design and creativity, it seems the worse they run their business. I spent the better part of my week trying to explain to a very well loved and popular mfg that I can't sell what's not in the store.

They kept telling me how I was going to lose out on this incentive and that if I didn't order by yesterday. I just laughed. In the end I know I can order all I want, but it will just backorder and someone else will sell it. In the past, I ahve waited as long as 2 months for them to ship my order and even then, main pieces were back ordered and thus cancelled.

To be fair, they have tried to re-do their delivery times, so that all the stores in one area get the product at the same time. So much for fairness, however, read on.

What upset me the most about said company, is that they let another large company come and pre-sell all the new stuff at convention before anyone else even had a chance to order it. This other company even bragged about how they were the only ones to sell it. This upset me a great deal.

I explained it all to the sales manager, who took it upon herself to call me direct when I suggested to her sales rep that we were no longer a good fit. This practice undercuts the local scrapbook stores. The local stores...after all, are the ones that take care of you all, that takes the risk of buying new stuff so you all aren't staring wistfully at the shelves at AC Moore and Michael's and Joannes at the same stuff you've been looking at for the last year. The other company, the one that overcharged and took all the sales just packed up and moved on to the next CKC while people like me stayed behind to explain why *I* didn't have the new stuff.

I could almost see the patronizing smile coming through the phone. They let the other company have it first in an effort to "market it" and "drive excitement" so we could order and order these lines in. uh-huh. because you all are going to buy what you already have, and then re-buuy it, right? Whatever. And what really irks me is that somehow, I ended up feeling like the bad guy because I still wouldn't order and work with the other sales gal (there's a lvoely story all it's own behind that too)

It's just a bummer though, because these new lines are some of the best I've seen in a long time. But I don't see the point in ordering since so many bought it at convention, or took classes with it. Sorry to be a bummer today, but I think it's important that you all know what happens behind the scenes.

I did after all say I was going to write about what it really was like to run a scrapbook store. It ain't all stickles and bling all the time. Sometimes, its a big ugly embellishment in exactly the wrong place and it won't come up without tearing your paper. Sometimes, it's finishing the perfect page only to look down and realize you've mispelled your own kid's name in the title.

Anyone have any thoughts? Do I continue to support this well known, well loved company and risk losing money on these new lines or just go with the other companies who seem to operate with a little more sensitivty to the little guy?

I really would like to hear what you all think. Btw, the companies I have listed like Fancy Pants, Pink Paislee etc...are awesome. Don't think I am talking about them!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009 August?

Christmas may come in Dec for the rest of the world, but for us scrapbookers, it comes after CHA!

I am loving some of the new lines out there. Just wanted to give a sneak peak of what to expect. Here is just a taste of the new Fancy Pants. Shown is Christmas magic - I've ordered the entire line:

Here is some of the Trick or Treat line. I like the paper because while it's meant to go with the embellishments, I also feel like it could stand alone. Also, sometimes you want a more serious page, and not so much a "cutesy" page - especially for Halloween. I did order more of the embellishments because really, can you have too many Halloween embellies?!

I'll show some of the other stuff I am ordering tomorrow.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Hand still hurt from convention, saw dr today and am getting it x-rayed soon.

Smooch Acent Ink and Pearlescent watercolors still a hit. Listen gals, if you want it, place an order so I can order the appropriate amount in, OK. I am working on getting the store re-stocked but remember, I have to order in $200 minimums and it takes at least 3-4 days for me to get it. I'm more than happy to get everyone everything they want, but I am sure you want me to get the new stuff too, right?

The first batch of smooch will be here Friday and I will placec a 2nd order this weekend, but unless I hear from people, I am going to move on to the new stuff. Okie dokey?

Monday, 3 August 2009

Convention is over - on to bigger and better things

Wow! Does my body hurt! I can't believe what a crazy wonderful time we had at CK convention this weekend. To all those wondering will I do it again next year, the answer is yes - and we'll do it better! I've learned more about what people want and I will make sure to be better stocked with the good stuff - and what not to bring at all!

I will also make sure I know the show hours. I could have sworn my paperwork said the vendor floor opened at 10am Sat morning - oops! But my amazing, incredible volunteers saved me. Man, did they ever work hard.

I have a winner from the raffle basket, but I will announce that tomorrow when I can verify that "S" gave me a valid email. If she didn't, it's on to the next person!

OK, on to bigger and better things...CHA was last week so all the new stuff is coming out. I made enough money to buy some fun things so I already have all the new Pink Paislee stuff ordered. Abbey Road and Twilight, I'm' told, will ship August 15th. Mistletoe will ship in Oct and Cupid in Dec. I liked cupid a lot because it was just pretty - not to Valentine-y if you know what I mean.

My Prima order is already in and has been for a month. Still, I need to restock most of what I had from them, so I might add some additional goodies...

So my other tasks for this week (besides putting the store in some semblance of order and figuring out what needs to be re-stocked or discontinued) are putting together my Fancy Pants order (oh my gosh I love their new glitter cuts) and Bo Bunny (I SO want that santa stamp - it screams out tags!).

Thanks for all your support this weekend! I look forward to seeing all those new faces I met here at the store.