Thursday, 20 August 2009


Anyone? Anyone? bueller?

That's how many sheets of paper I had to sell to buy my brand new Mac computer last night for the store.

Excited to get it up and running. This old thing is just an old relic. It was only meant to be used for journaling/printing, but since my laptop died in the middle of the economy crises, I was stuck with it until business picked up.

Long term goal is to put on photoshop and a 12 inch printer/scanner so we can do some hybrid scrapbooking. I'll never go full digital - I like the touchy feely part of scrapbooking too much. But I wouldn't mind the look of a hybrid - a cross between the two - on my pages.

I don't have to like that digital is coming. But I can certainly adapt and roll with it. :)

Toying with buying some Scribble Scrabble for some upcoming classes. Trying to decide if I need the new paper or if Ic an do the same layouts with what I have. I do find it's easier to just buy what I need and tuck it away. It's the worst when prepping materials for a class only to realize you need 5 more sheets of this, or 2 sheets of that...

Problem is, as much as I like Scribble SCrabble, it's history of selling is questionable. It either sells great or not at all... A nice chunk of my clearance paper at convention was Scribble Scrabble... But the layouts are good so we'll see.

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