Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Delilah is here...along with some late nights

I promised I would tell what it was like to run a scrapbook store. But I tend to tell only the pretty side, the fun of ordering new paper, the deliveries, the free samples I occasionally get. But for whatever reason, I tend to skip the negative for the most part. I guess I don't want to bum anyone out. But let me tell you, there are some late nights.

I choose to run my business part time so that I can stay home during the day with my kids. Is it wierd having a store run by appt? Yes, and I am sure I am missing out on business, but better that than to miss my kids growing up. So Iget the best of both worlds, running a successful scrapbook store and staying home with my kids.

However, that means some pretty late nights, even when I just want to crawl into tonight. But I am getting some major shipments now and it's all I can do to get it up on the web fast enough. Seriously, there is stuff that's been in the store for weeks that isn't on the web yet!

OK, on to the fun stuff. Delilah from Bo Bunny. Beautiful stuff.

In addition to the paper (the cut outs are slightly delayed, btw) I am also carrying the stickers, rub ons, flowers and stamp. And just to give you an idea on how to use it, here's some pretty samples Bo Bunny made up.

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