Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Designing new classes

Possibly my most favorite and most hated chore is designing new classes. I have the team coming next month to set things up into the future, but I feel like I want to get Nov at least started before the next newsletter. AFter all, people are already signing up for Oct classes.

I love it when I get to sit and plan and play and create. When you hit on that one layout you just know will be a hit, it feels awesome., I can go back and look at that layout and never get tired of it. There's never that feeling of "I should have done this" or that little something that picks at you.

I hate it when I am under the gun and I have to work fast and all the above just comes back to haunt me, before the class, during, then after when I try to decide what to do with the sample.

Right now I am working with blank overlays. tim holtz is coming up with his own blank masking sheets...Why can't I do the same?

I bought Grafix .07 plastic sheets and have been playing. So far a) Cricut will not cut through it (will try the deep set blade next) b) a punch will if you press hard enough and c) staz on stamps B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L-L-Y on it....if you don't let the stamp slide!

Will post a tutorial on this in a day or two in our new Forum. (Bear with us as we get started...why not join us today?) The Forum will be the new home for all the techniques, lessons, challenges and Scrapbook U! information...

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