Friday, 14 August 2009

It's Pink Paislee time!!!

I swear, my calendar has those big red "X's" on it, marking down the time to August 15th - the day Pink Paislee starts shipping their new lines. So in just 53 more minutes it will be the 15th - HOORAY!


So here's the scoop...Amber Road and Twilight will ship immediately with Mistletoe & Co shipping Oct 1 and Cupid shipping Dec 1.

I've already listed everything I'm going to carry at this point so take a look. If there is something you want that I am not carrying, let me know. It's hard to guess what people love and I do my best. Below are some highlights, my favorites really from each, but you've GOT to see the whole lines.

Amber Road:

Mistletoe & Co


And of course, we can't forget the fabulous new Expression Glitter letters in four colors (shown here in cherry):

I'm going to be checking all week for my deliveries!

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