Friday, 4 September 2009

Christmas card exchange class

Brainstorming here... Buying some stamps for an upcoming class and noticed how many cute christmas stamps for cards there are. but I always think, I don't want to buy a $10 (or more...) stamp plus the card kits etc... for one year. Might as well buy cards, right?

What do you think of doing a "stamp exchange" Christmas card class? You submit your older christmas card stamps, with a general design idea so I can help plan the day and design if need be. I have the cardstock, papers, blank cards here for purchase... So you could make 5 cards, or 10 or 20 or however long you want to stay for. And we make Christmas cards with all the different stamps. If you don't have a stamp per se, but want to make up a design using your Cricut, sizzix etc... that would be OK too. Just bring the design or enough for everyone to make at least one We could work on a Sat, order in Pizza and make a day of it.

Any interest? I'll post on the forum too to sign up for interest (not commitment.)

Not local? hmmm, maybe we can do an exchange? You make up 5 cards for each person in the group, or three if it's a large group... again, post here or on the forum to express interest.

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