Sunday, 13 September 2009

take the good with the bad...

It was a bad bad weekend in a lot of ways, but there is always a silver lining, right?

I was booked to do two events this past Saturday. I don't normally do that but both are long standing groups I work for, and I didn't want to let either of them down. So I get my sister to cover one, and me the other, and that way I can leave my husband alone. All good right?

So to cover both groups, I order in extra stock. Experience tells me I will need about $1400 worth of stuff - the more variety you bring, the more you sell. So I get lots of cute one off stuff, meaning, I only order three of them, cute appealing items that will sell quickly and never make to the web. I always like to make sure there are new things to choose from, so I order, it comes in (cute cute cute!) and I start to pack...

I get a call from my sister late the day before - she is sick, not just a little sick, but flu sick - oh no! It' s too late to get someone to cover, but try any way - no luck. OK, so I've invested this money, and instead of recouping the cost immediately, I am going to "lose" it - meaning sit on it until the next big event. Local people will buy, but not quick enough to pay the bill. And I have to cancel last minute for one of the groups...I hated to do it, but what choice did I have?

Then, to add insult to injury, the "helpers" at the event I do go to, end up breaingk a very expensive rack trying to help me pack up. It will cost me about $200 to replace it. I can't afford that right now, so I will have to do without - it's the nicest display I own....major bummer.

One would seem that all in all the whole weekend would be a major bummer, right? Ok now the silver lining part: my daughter.

To make things easier on my husband who is already watching Josh and the baby, I suggesed Katelyn come with me part of the day. So Rob drops her off along with the brand new scrapbooking supplies I have gotten her. She is so excited! So I set her up near my booth and she gets to work...She is so focused, working hard and cranking out pages. At one point she comes to me (not realizing there is a pink rhinestone stuck in her hair) and shows me how she's distressed her pages and inked the edges. Having not shown her how to do this, I asked her how she knew how, and she said "I just knew, Mom."

That's my girl!

I know I am doing something right. Now, it's sweet enough that I am passing this wonderful tradition on to my daughter, but the kicker in all this, the part that just tickles me pink? She just turned 4 last month. Here she is:


Mardi said...

Wonderful silver lining!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Katelyn! I'm so proud of you! You will have to show Nicole, Elizabeth, Kimberly and me all your beautiful pages!
Miss Grace

Shelby said...