Sunday, 29 November 2009

Cyber Monday scrapbook sale!

I am working over time tonight to get all the sale items posted on the web for tomorrow. I have 15 pages of sale items.

You all can start shopping whenever you like, but I will be adding things for the next couple of hours. There are lots of great things I 've added that never made it to the web, but here is the link to go directly to just sale items


Pink Paislee Cupid Shipping

Great news, rather than waiting til mid Dec, I am get an early Christmas present - Pink Paislee's Cupid line is now shipping. It's an adorable line that has lots of uses other than Valentine's day. Check out this great layout from Pink Paislee team member Kim Watson:

Pretty neat huh? Send me an order and mention this blog entry and I will take 20% off your Cupid items. Merry Christmas early to you too!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Sale today only! Martha Stewart punches 30% off

I just got word that these are in stock, but they will go fast. So if you want one, I need an order ASAP. I need to get enough to place a min order so if I don't get that, I can't place the order. Use this link to order:

If you're not on my newsletter list and didn't see the pictures and prices sent out, email me and I will send it right out to you. (just some on the list are daisy, botanical scallop, double loops, topiary, eyelet lace, garden trellis, daisy fan etc...)


1) This week (Sunday 12 - 6pm )is the Black Friday Sale - get as much as 30% off your regular purchase, and clearance items up to 60% off! Free make n take with a technique for all purchases.

2) Christmas card class is sold out, but the Christmas gift class still has openings with two new projects posted yesterday.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Crazy hectic days

I was up until 2am working... I gotta stop doing that, and have hit the ground running this morning returning emails and phone calls, and working on packing and shipping orders out. My kids are difficult this morning because a) Noah is teething, b) Josh hasn't had a proper night' sleep in days and that gets him so wired I have to continually peel him off the ceiling and c) my daughter is generally a handfull. Think twice about running a business at home with small kids. It is indeed a very challenging task!

I have people throwing things at me left and right and I am having trouble keeping up. Just in the last 5 days , three more groups asked me to come and do things for them. I hate to say no because while classes are going great, Crops are all of a sudden bombing, and Dec is usually a terribly slow month for me - everyone is spending their money on Christmas.

But I can't do it all and am struggling with that. I need to work on picking what I can do well and just letting the rest go....

On the flip side, I finished two projects I have been wanting to do and I am pleased with the results.

See other great samples of the paper wreath done by Mardi and Nordica in the Scrap with Shelby Forum! Don't have time to fold all those flowers? Get those left over Prima flowers and use those up. Simply hot glue onto a floral wreath.

This will be added as an option onto my Christmas gift class. It's less than $10 to make!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Make time for you

I am a SAHM - a stay at home mom - to my three kids ages 6, 4 and 1. And I run this business as owner, buyer, shipper, accountant, class designer, teacher, web maintainer etc etc.... My life for the last week consists of organizing a birthday party complete with dinosaur cake,

teaching two "play" classes complete with inking techniques, gel medium and guesso,

getting the website ready for this year's Reindeer Round up and teaching a mom's club "MNO" card class, including cutting pieces for over 50 cards.

Tired yet? Probably not - because I am sure most of you live the same crazy hectic lifestyle, am I right?

I mean just recently on the Scrap with Shelby Forum, a participant (and friend) commented (paraphrased):

I'm a "stay at home mom" who seems to never be home. Many of the things I do is all good stuff - like yesterday, I signed up to make dessert for the abused women's shelter for today.'s like being on one of those little hamster cages. I just want to sit home on the one day I don't need to be somewhere in the AM. ACK!! Help, please! I don't have two minutes to breathe much less time to scrapbook! Thanks & blessings, D.

She also talks about running this errand, and to the grocery store and to the dr and on and on...Does this sound familiar? I bet it does!

As I work, i watch the shows I tape on DVR. Today I was watching the biggest loser from last night. One of the contestants said something to the effect of

"I was so busy taking care of everyone else, I forgot to take care of me. Somewhere, I lost me. "

Wow - what a thought. As wives and moms, we put ourselves last. We stay up late to do the laundry or the bills and get up early with the kids. We do not have out of the home jobs, yet we work 12 - 15 hours a day - without benefits like sick or vacation days.

The thing is, we burn ourselves out, don't we? And what good are we then? When we are so tired we just throw together whatever meal is easiest, when we are too weary to play with our kids, when we just want to fall into bed at night rather than speak to our husbands - the ones who can support us most, and a chance to talk about something other than PBS Sprout characters, styrofoam cup turkeys and hot wheels.

But when there is nothing left of us, there is nothing left to take care of those we love. If we are going to take care of everyone else, then we need to start taking care of ourselves.

So Stop today. Just stop the hamster wheel from turning and ask yourself: What can I do today to stop and recharge? Plan a night out with the girls (I go out the first Thursday of every months to scrapbook with other moms - we talk more than work but that's kind of the best part). Go to the gym or go talk a walk. Go on a date with your husband. Go to the mall and don't buy anything for the kids... or scrapbook a page about you - not the kids or family.

Find something though, and re-charge. You will find that it's just that much easier to make that 4:30am feeding, or that next dinner and possibly, just possibly, you will find yourself smiling when its time to race the red hot wheels car against the blue matchbox truck....

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Button Contest

In case you missed it on the forum, the current contest going on is a button contest. You can create any layout like this:


or a project like this one from Mardi:

or anything you can come up with by using buttons. That's right - buttons! The rules are simple: You must use at least 5 buttons. The more creative the use, the better.

Deadline, Sunday, midnight, Dec 6th. Submit to me at the store or via the forum(you have to register first as a user - I do this to weed out spammers) or this blog I'll open the polls after that. Prize or prizes will be awarded for this contest.

Good luck!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

.....the silver lining

OK, earlier, I posted about one of the negative things about being a store owner. I promised i would be honest in this blog and so I sometimes have to post the difficult things.

But it's amazing how God works. There is always a silver lining for the clouds. My sister is a recent addition to the scrapbooking world. An artist at heart, I always knew she would be a great scrapbooker. Last spring, I finally manager to recruit her to our mad little world.

But even the best of us need at least some direction to get started, right? So I have been showing her the basics and letting her run with it. Recently I told her about the Nov class coming up and how much I was inspired to do it. Well she just did her own project and has encouraged me beyond belief.

When I wonder if I will stay open another year, when I wonder if people have lost their interest in scrapbooking... I will remember this. I will remember that I inspired this young artist to create, that I have led her and others to this amazing journey through preserving our memories and enjoying the creativity of this. I made a difference, and that is indeed a silver lining in these dark economic times, and something to cherish.

She started a blog just this week. To follow her as she continues to develop her own style, go to "will work for paper"


Recently I read a thread about what you wish your local scrapbook store. People posted they didn't understand why stores didn't carry some of their favorite lines.

The why is that some are so difficult, they make you want to tear your hair out. Yesterday I received a shipment from one such manufacturer. They have great prices, and unique product that I generally don't see elsewhere - two great criteria I look for in new vendors. However, they have been more than a little tough to deal with.

The first shipment took a month to get here. Why? The delivery service they used couldn't find me. Huh? UPS, FED Ex, USPS and others deliver here daily/weekly and i am all over the internet on google maps, mapquest etc... Shipment finally made it.

It was beautiful! That is, what wasn't damaged. I was double shipped some product, charged for "donation" items to my charity crop, packages were shorted by as much as 25% (what should have had 75 items would have 60) and many pieces were damaged (rhinestones missing, only half glittered - not up to my standards at all)

So after another month of pestering the vendor to correct the problem, I finally hear back only after I say I am going to dispute the charge on my credit card. I do like what wasn't damaged, so I arrange to receive a credit on a re-order. I place an order for some new items plus re-order what arrived damaged, plus some in different colors. i pester them saying I need for an 11/7 show and it needs to be here on time - not a month later.

The re-order arrived yesterday with half of it missing, and again, no invoice so I don't even know what I was charged for. I am beyond frustrated. The product sells well, but is it worth all this hasssle? I am not looking forward to the next month of "fixing" the fix.

OK, so I wrote about the downside today. But let me post something positice. The 11/7 show I mentioned is the Central Penn Crop out in Enola, PA. Let me tell you, I love this group. I've been going out as a vendor for about two years and their support has in big way allowed me to get this business going. They are supportive, and friendly, and I always enjoy going out to see "my friends" in another part of the state.

This business can be hard like any other business. But the friends you make along the way really make it worth it!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Green is the new Black

I've spoken to two people in the last 24 hours who's family have been affected by unemployment for 6 months or longer. I then read a post on a scrapbooking site i often visit where one woman had purchased her favorite kind of letter in so many styles and colors she had spent $350 just on that brand of letter.

Two extremes. I say it's easy to be creative when you have $350 worth of just one letter and who knows how much else. It's much trickier - and thus way more fulfilling to my way of thinking - when you have to work with what you have.

Some very talented ladies have done just that. Deb used bread ties (I read earlier today one company was selling blank twisty ties for $4 a package....without the bread!) Manda, Robin and Mardi used packaging that would have ended up in a landfil. Excellent - more play space for my great great grandkids! Finally Nellie use old fabric from old clothing. Since I am currently sorting through old baby clothes to make into quilts, I can appreciate this line of thinking.

So I applaud you all - Job well done! Won't you join me and take a look at the ladies creations and vote for your favorite?

Go to the forum here to vote.