Thursday, 5 November 2009


Recently I read a thread about what you wish your local scrapbook store. People posted they didn't understand why stores didn't carry some of their favorite lines.

The why is that some are so difficult, they make you want to tear your hair out. Yesterday I received a shipment from one such manufacturer. They have great prices, and unique product that I generally don't see elsewhere - two great criteria I look for in new vendors. However, they have been more than a little tough to deal with.

The first shipment took a month to get here. Why? The delivery service they used couldn't find me. Huh? UPS, FED Ex, USPS and others deliver here daily/weekly and i am all over the internet on google maps, mapquest etc... Shipment finally made it.

It was beautiful! That is, what wasn't damaged. I was double shipped some product, charged for "donation" items to my charity crop, packages were shorted by as much as 25% (what should have had 75 items would have 60) and many pieces were damaged (rhinestones missing, only half glittered - not up to my standards at all)

So after another month of pestering the vendor to correct the problem, I finally hear back only after I say I am going to dispute the charge on my credit card. I do like what wasn't damaged, so I arrange to receive a credit on a re-order. I place an order for some new items plus re-order what arrived damaged, plus some in different colors. i pester them saying I need for an 11/7 show and it needs to be here on time - not a month later.

The re-order arrived yesterday with half of it missing, and again, no invoice so I don't even know what I was charged for. I am beyond frustrated. The product sells well, but is it worth all this hasssle? I am not looking forward to the next month of "fixing" the fix.

OK, so I wrote about the downside today. But let me post something positice. The 11/7 show I mentioned is the Central Penn Crop out in Enola, PA. Let me tell you, I love this group. I've been going out as a vendor for about two years and their support has in big way allowed me to get this business going. They are supportive, and friendly, and I always enjoy going out to see "my friends" in another part of the state.

This business can be hard like any other business. But the friends you make along the way really make it worth it!


Belinda said...

I don't know how you do it all, but I'm glad the positives and new friendships are there for you and your business.

Pieces of me said...

I can sympathize with you on this one for sure!
Manufacturer's can make you totally insane and don't you love all the stipulations some put on you to even open an account with them. Some of them make you jump through hoops and then treat you like they can do anything they want. It really hurts especially when you are a small biz owner and are trying to wear all the hats.
Thank goodness they are a minority!