Thursday, 5 November 2009

.....the silver lining

OK, earlier, I posted about one of the negative things about being a store owner. I promised i would be honest in this blog and so I sometimes have to post the difficult things.

But it's amazing how God works. There is always a silver lining for the clouds. My sister is a recent addition to the scrapbooking world. An artist at heart, I always knew she would be a great scrapbooker. Last spring, I finally manager to recruit her to our mad little world.

But even the best of us need at least some direction to get started, right? So I have been showing her the basics and letting her run with it. Recently I told her about the Nov class coming up and how much I was inspired to do it. Well she just did her own project and has encouraged me beyond belief.

When I wonder if I will stay open another year, when I wonder if people have lost their interest in scrapbooking... I will remember this. I will remember that I inspired this young artist to create, that I have led her and others to this amazing journey through preserving our memories and enjoying the creativity of this. I made a difference, and that is indeed a silver lining in these dark economic times, and something to cherish.

She started a blog just this week. To follow her as she continues to develop her own style, go to "will work for paper"

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