Thursday, 10 December 2009

Remembering Christmas

What has you stressed? What's preventing you from remembering these precious times? I propose focusing on something else. What can you do to remember this precious time?

Stop what you are doing. Go get a notebook or a sheet of paper. Forget everything that is bothering you. Write down one thing you are grateful for right now this minute. If you're inclined, write a little about why but it's not necessary. And if you want, share it here.

I am stressed most about my kids. They place constant demands on me to the point of exhaustion. At one point on Sunday, Noah was climbing on me to try and nurse, Katelyn was shouting "look at this look at this" every 5 seconds as Rob brought down some Christmas decorations when Josh suddenly had exposive vomit right in front of me and all over the couch I was leaning up against. stressful times...

BUT I am grateful I have these children. When Rob and I got engaged 10 years ago, it was with the knowledge that I couldn't have kids. Then we had hope, then miscarriages. Now lots of drugs, negatives tests, 2 positive ones and a trip to China later, I have these three awesome kids.

So today, instead of getting upset with them because Katelyn is nagging, Josh is jumping on the couch or Noah is cranky, I'm going to remember how lucky I am. No craky mommy - only a grateful one. I'll save this note for some journaling in my scrapbook now.

Tune in tomorrow or go to the Scrap with Shelby forum to following this series on what you can do this Christmas to save your memories....

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Ruth said...

I am very grateful that my mother is back in good health & good spirits. Also grateful to kow a great lady like Michelle to help me stop & see the good things :-)