Friday, 18 December 2009

traditions - pt 2 challenge

OK, hopefully I gave you some good food for thought. What traditions are important to you? What would you like your family to remember in 30 years?

Take a picture of it. What is it? You decorating the tree? Baking cookies? Wrapping gifts? How about shopping? Maybe a particular movie? (My husband says it's never really Christmas until he's seen Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase)

Classic, truly a classic! LOL

Anyway, what's your tradition? Now write something about it. What is the tradition? Who does it involved? Is there a time you always do it? Does it mean something to you or remind you of something or someone? Now's your chance to record that memory.

Imagine if you do something like this each year and record everything in an album? What kind of treasure would that be to hand down to the next generation. I have an album with nothing but Christmas layouts in there. It's fun to look at it each year, seeing the children grow from year to year.

Well, we are expecting to get possibly two feet of snow...we never ever get that much snow. In fact, we rarely have a white Christmas! But I am prepared, even looking forward to it a bit. As I just wrote my sister:

"We are hankering down here for snow Sat and are going to make cookies, play in the snow, wrap presents, drink hot cocoa, finish decorating our tree (it only has lights) and watch Christmas movies. I expect to peel Josh and Katelyn off the ceiling about once every 5 minutes. It will be total chaos - and I can't wait!"

Of course I will have my camera at the ready too. After all, who knows when tomorrow's traditions will be born?

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Belinda said...

We have few traditions. Just the basics: tree, advent, presents, stockings. I like a simple Christmas.