Sunday, 10 January 2010

Using Gel medium on a layout

Hi Everyone. Don't forget about the Basic Grey monthly program with free album mentioned in the last post. The sign up link is on the web.

In the mean time, a couple of new how to videos have been added to the forum. For those of you that couldn't attend the very popular Nov class, I've show the techniques on masking and gel medium, as well as some new stamping techniques. Very easy!

Part 1 is here:

And Part 2 is here

Friday, 8 January 2010

Looking For Basic Grey Participants

OK, I want to take part in the Basic Grey kit of the month. It's only available to retailers, so you won't find in a local store somewhere. Here's what you get:

  • Double Layout kit each month

  • Sketches: BasicGrey will continue to include layout sketches for every month.

  • Simplified, improved full-color instructions: instructions will be more basic and easy-to-follow with a large image of the layout for reference.

  • Techniques: each month, your students will learn one new tech- nique to incorporate in their scrapbooking.

  • New generic themes: your students will have different themes to choose from, with different journaling prompts so that they can scrap about whatever they want—and let their imagination and creativity soar.

  • FREE EXCLUSIVE ALBUM at the end - only for those that do this kit!

  • It will use new product instead of past lines

  • Can be done here at the store, or sent out as a kit - I will split the shipping with you.

    Here are some samples of the kinds of layouts you might do. You will not get these layouts - these are actual classes from last year's club:

    Go to this forum post if you are interested, or Email me directly. I only need 6 people to run this...
  • Tag #1 step 2

    OK, let's talk about color. What papers do you want to use? What "icon" will you use? Start thinking about color choices when picking paper.

    For the base, I will show you another techniques to get a similiar effect to the distress ink. I will also show you some options to do the distress ink technique but with inks you have on hand, and if you don't have a craft mat.

    So get your paper ready, include a relatively blank base like white or cream carstock, and a supply of inks or paints in colors that complement your color selections.

    Tuesday, 5 January 2010

    "12 tags" conversion contest - Tag #1

    We all loved the tags of Christmas from Tim Holtz, but admittedly, many of us didn't have the time to try it. Or if we did - who wants to give these works of art away to be thrown out with the wrapping, right?

    OK, so what I will do is have a "tag" contest of my own where I will tackle one tag each month (12 tags = 12 months) and talk about converting it into a layout of any subject. I will (or any of you!) to talk about how to use existing materials you may have if you don't have the arsenal of Ranger products Tim has at his fingertips (bless his heart - oh to have his awesome talent!).

    I can also talk about the products he uses if you do want to invest in them. If I get enough orders for say, the rock candy distress, - I usually have to buy in 3's or 6's, I will offer a 20% discount on it. Or if you are into the distress inks or the non stick craft mat (which is awesome btw...), but can't find some of the more popular colors, I can order those in at the same discount (did you know there is a whole new batch of colors coming soon?) Sounds like fun? If it's not on the web - just ask for it!

    OK, here's the first tag:

    For today, start with what theme you want to use. Holidays? Seasonal? Birthday? Just a good hanging around shot?

    Thinking ahead theme wise, You will need either a stamped shape that you like for the swirl and the snowman. Don't have a stamp? How about a Cricut or Sizzix shape? Don't have a die cut system? Go online to Clipart and print out a generic shape on whatever printed paper you like.

    I've done this and it works well. I once needed a dolphin embellishment for a layout, but didn't have one in my stash or in the store. I went online, found a children's coloring page and printed on paper that matched my layout. I cut it out and used pop dots to attach and it was perfect. You can do the same thing here.

    OK, will post more tomorrow the next step

    Note, challenge will be due Jan 31st entries can be posted here as links, emailed to me or posted on the forum. You will have to register first to post on the forum, but not to look. (Approving people before they can post cuts down on spamming signiifcantly!)

    Monday, 4 January 2010

    Remembering Christmas - Final thoughts

    Well I never made it back before Christmas - know why? Cause I chose to drop everything and spend 10 days dedicated to my family - no work. It was awesome!

    But alas, it's time to return and I find myself although incredibly swamped, excited at what the year has to bring. But before I move on, I'd like to finish up just a little bit about remembering Christmas.

    So some final thoughts.

    How did you do? Did you let the holidays get to you or did you stop to take the time to remember them? Here's the biggest question of all. While you scrap those photos, and pass those albums on to your kids, how much of you is in them? Is it all the rest of your family or are you there? While it great for them to have pictures of themselves, don't forget while they are your albums now, eventually they will be their albums.

    You put the pictures that important to you in your albums, but what pictures will be important to your kids - and their kids?

    Let's compile a list of pictures to take with you in them.... That way you will have the list ready for next year - I'll make sure I re-post it come Thanksgiving 2010. I'll start, but please add on with your own traditions or ideas for pictures:

    1) Getting your tree (at a farm, stand or down from the attic) and setting it up

    2) Decorating your tree or house

    3) shopping or wrapping presents

    4) a tradition - maybe it's the turn over of holidays...for me it's typically Thanksgiving weekend. I put away the fall stuff and take out the Christmas. I figure if I go through all that bother, might as well have them up for awhile

    5) Baking cookies or a traditional holiday fare (We make home made ravioli on my Italian side... Rob's mom makes a seafood chowder every Christmas eve for which I still need to track down the recipe)

    6) Ornament shopping

    7) opening presents

    8) Putting cookies out for Santa (We also go outside and leave reindeer food)

    9) Family time as you go visiting... who is the big host?

    10) Reading the Christmas story

    11) Christmas pageant

    12) Those wonderful home made decorations that come home from school "wrapped" for Mom and dad

    13) Your favorite gift - mine was a cheap $3 "The best Mom" coffee mug Josh bought at his school holiday shoppe. It came from his heart, so to me it's might as well be made of solid gold!)

    Next year we can talk about how to fully depict the traditions these pictures represent and what you can do during the season to record those memories

    For now, please add some other picture ideas!