Monday, 4 January 2010

Remembering Christmas - Final thoughts

Well I never made it back before Christmas - know why? Cause I chose to drop everything and spend 10 days dedicated to my family - no work. It was awesome!

But alas, it's time to return and I find myself although incredibly swamped, excited at what the year has to bring. But before I move on, I'd like to finish up just a little bit about remembering Christmas.

So some final thoughts.

How did you do? Did you let the holidays get to you or did you stop to take the time to remember them? Here's the biggest question of all. While you scrap those photos, and pass those albums on to your kids, how much of you is in them? Is it all the rest of your family or are you there? While it great for them to have pictures of themselves, don't forget while they are your albums now, eventually they will be their albums.

You put the pictures that important to you in your albums, but what pictures will be important to your kids - and their kids?

Let's compile a list of pictures to take with you in them.... That way you will have the list ready for next year - I'll make sure I re-post it come Thanksgiving 2010. I'll start, but please add on with your own traditions or ideas for pictures:

1) Getting your tree (at a farm, stand or down from the attic) and setting it up

2) Decorating your tree or house

3) shopping or wrapping presents

4) a tradition - maybe it's the turn over of holidays...for me it's typically Thanksgiving weekend. I put away the fall stuff and take out the Christmas. I figure if I go through all that bother, might as well have them up for awhile

5) Baking cookies or a traditional holiday fare (We make home made ravioli on my Italian side... Rob's mom makes a seafood chowder every Christmas eve for which I still need to track down the recipe)

6) Ornament shopping

7) opening presents

8) Putting cookies out for Santa (We also go outside and leave reindeer food)

9) Family time as you go visiting... who is the big host?

10) Reading the Christmas story

11) Christmas pageant

12) Those wonderful home made decorations that come home from school "wrapped" for Mom and dad

13) Your favorite gift - mine was a cheap $3 "The best Mom" coffee mug Josh bought at his school holiday shoppe. It came from his heart, so to me it's might as well be made of solid gold!)

Next year we can talk about how to fully depict the traditions these pictures represent and what you can do during the season to record those memories

For now, please add some other picture ideas!


Mardi said...

The mug is priceless. I got tired of never seeing any photos of me, so I either give someone else the camera or I extend my arms really long and take a photo of myself! LOL!I love your ideas so far and I love that you leave food for the reindeers!!!!

Georgann said...

Love your ideas, Shelby! And the seafood chowder sounds wonderful! AND, the mug is definitely #1!!