Monday, 19 April 2010

Scrapbooking Life

So it was a rough weekend business wise. Went to a crop and it just wasn't a buying crowd. It can be frustrating only because there is so much work involved in setting up for a crop. It takes me about 2 hours to pack up, 2-3 hours to set up, the crop intself (in this case, 9am - 8pm which is 11 hours, then an hour to pack up, and two hours to unpack it back into the store. So for this crop, altogether I worked about 19 hours. I only made after costs, about $40 after costs. So that's $2.11 and hour....

Definately not getting rich in this business...

But there are always silver linings. I talked to a couple of new people who were interested in coming to crops. New customers are the back bone of staying open so that's good.

I practiced a demo with the new Shimmerz. I want to demo those next month down in Ocean City for the convention there, and that' s just plain fun. And I was able to complete some layouts.

I've been focusing less on milestones, and more on scrapbooking life. Those little details I want to remember, like blowing bubbles. For this one, I used the Scrappin Sports rub ons, Shimmerz,(LOL, can you tell I am loving this new product?) Crafter's Workshop Templates and of course my beloved white unibal pen. What would I do without that pen?

Want to do the same thing? I used Bo Bunny Kitchen Spice in Cinnamon (the blue side), and Shimmerz in Sea Foam and Rock-a-fella blue. To get the white circle, I used the Crafter's Workshop dot dot template with the white Unibal. I'm wondering now, if I should even add one more layer of the Shimmerz in Baby's Breath to give an extra layer of shimmer? hmmmmmm...

Next life event I'm thinking of scrapping? Eggs. That's right, eggs!

No, it's not an Easter thing... For some time now, we've been eating all natural foods, cutting out preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors. It's a challenge, but very doable, with a little homework. Now we are going for organic produce and hopefully soon, meat. For about the same price we pay now, we joined a growing co-op through a local farm that's not even 10 minutes away.

Today, I picked up local honey to help with my son's allergies to trees, weeds and grass (some believe the local bees pick up the local pollen and help with this. The stuff from the grocery won't help, it has to be local to what you're exposed to). I also bought some great looking fresh eggs. Did you know brown eggs simply come from brown chickens? It's becoming a new way of life for us, eating all natural and organic, and a part of who we are and what we believe in, so why not scrap it? It's life.

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