Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lions and tigers and bears.... oh my!

So I was sending a note to my meet up group this morning. Seems once again I was remiss and forgot to post the schedule to that particular calendar. I just want to smack myself sometimes...

But wait, is it really any wonder? In my note, I included all the ways to stay in touch with Scrap with Shelby. I mean, while the meetup group was once a wonderful thing for me (it immensely boosted my visibility in web search engines...) was it really worth the $150 a year I spend to keep it?

As I started posting the links, it was a bit astonishing..and more than a little overwhelming.

I mean, there is of course, this blog. Then there is my facebook page, the meetup group, the website with the classes and crops page, and of course my favorite, the forum. I didn't even list my you tube videos and apparently, I have a twitter page that my husbands plays with...

I would post the twitter link, but as you can see, I can't get in to even my own page

Do I have a point for writing all this? No, not really. I guess I am having some fun laughing at myself. In H.S. I took "Basic" as my computer course. It was cutting edge, and I remember struggling to just write that basic loop program...one little character off, and it just wouldn't work.

Fast forward 23 years and I am blogging and facebooking and managing my own website and forum, and still trying to get everything in the right place. So in a way, while technology has changed dramatically in all that time, it still seems, to a degree, that I am still stuck in that loop.

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