Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Boy's inspiration...

My friend, Zhanna, blogged about me today, so I figured I would put up the project I showed her for inspiration. In truth, I took this as a class several years ago at convention and never used the actual sample. However, it was an awesome class as I've used the ideas for several gifts to other boy mommies.

Anyway, the materials used for the class were all from the hardware store. To bind the book, we used zip ties instead of rings and window screening tied up as the "bows". For decoration, we used washers, hardware and dry wall tape in various forms and my favorite, foil tape originally designed for duct work. I love to cut shapes out of the foil for really unique embellies.

Check it out. you can spend $4 a yard on "scrapbooking mesh" or you can spend $7 on a roll and have a lifetime supply. Ink it chalk it, use it in masking techniques....there is no limit. To see the whole album, go to my forum. be sure to check out all the other ideas too!

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Belinda said...

This is great, and it really got me started on a mini scrapbook for my son.