Wednesday, 8 September 2010

To blog or not to blog...

That is the least these days. I was thinking just this morning that I haven't really done a good job of keeping up my blog. But really, is it any wonder?

It's back to school time, and with that comes waiting at the bus stop at 8:10 and 3:30, , Karate, gymnastics, Pre-school potpourri, cub scouts, Daisy's...and that's just for the kids! For myself I have a yoga class, a new weekly Bible study, Mops and all the meetings that accompany Mops....

The business goes about the same. In addition to the two classes a month I teach here at the store, I'm working for a new school district this fall - a scrapbooking class once a month throughout the fall. And just this morning I finalized the location of a new fundraiser crop at a new location. The month after the charity crop will be the next Scrap with Shelby get away weekend, in which I teach several workshops throughout the weekend.Well, you get the idea.

One has to wonder where to find the time. Is it too much? With all of that, you'd think I'd be over-whelmed. But honestly, I don't see it that way. I like having something for me. My business. It may be small and a perpetual state of fledging, but it's mine, It allows me to create, to step outside the box, my comfort zone if you will, even if just for the hour or two I can devote to it.

I guess that's what scrapbooking is to a lot of us too, right? Sure it's preserving wonderful memories or a chance to get out with the girls... But it's also a chance to create more than what is ourselves. And that's worth making time for.

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