Monday, 12 March 2012


OK, I'm in love, I admit it.  I've been hearing about it for months and kind of blowing it off.  What is Pinterest you might ask?  It's a place to keep an online bulletin board of anything you can think of, crafts, diy, gardening, books, recipes..  You see stuff on the internet and can "pin it" it to your bulletin board.  I have lots of bulletin boards, the above of course plus things like holiday ideas, gift wrapping ideas, things for my dream home, fun things to do with kids etc etc...

So again, I heard about from all my friends and paid no attention. How "awesome" could it possibly be? OK, I get it now.  It's beyond awesome

For ultimate crafter such as myself, it's like crack to a junkie. (***shivers with anticipation***) It's like I can't help myself.  I keep going back for more.

Yes, I found the exact recycled-from-a-closet door-headboard I want to make for my daughter's room, and the perfect quilt, and how to make gluten free naan, how to make  a sprinkler from a 2 liter soda  bottle and what colors to paint my new media/guest room.  Basically everything I need to make my home look like  MArtha Stewart second home. And you'll see all my wonderful creations eventually because I want to be able to keep a "completed pin" folder.  I'll post here just so I can pin it.  But really, what delights me the most?

Scrapbooking and Cards.....Jackpot!  Mega Jackpot even!

I love it.  I've gotten more ideas for new classes and layouts in 2 days than I have in the last year.  I made my first complete "pin" yesterday for my  brother's birthday. It was so easy to copy. You can see the original on my "cards" board (follow Michelle Shaw) but check out my sample below. It was so easy to make that it's  SO going in next month's card workshop.

Don't know anyone to invite you?  Drop me a note and I'll send you an invite. Happy Pinning!

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