Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Valentine's project

Life has been so crazy since the story closing this time last year, and frankly, losing my mom at the same time, well, it has taken it's toll.  I lost all interest in scrapbooking and reading and all the other things I love to do.

But as they say time heals wounds and I can feel myself coming back to life slowly, day by day.  I've been doing some projects lately and would love to start sharing again.  First up is a fun Valentine's project.

I originally saw one of these at my local grocery store....for $20!  Loved it, but with three kiddos and at home, no way was I shelling out $60. But I thought it really couldn't be that hard to make, right?

So first up was buying some candy - 3 bags which was too much.  One and half was plenty.  ($12)  The original had tootsie rolls in a clear vase.  I opted for Hershey's kisses in pink wrappers.  While at the new dollar store in town looking for vases, I stumbled across these adorable balloons and mugs.  I thought, why have three vases to store, collecting dust when the kids can actually use mugs?  So mugs it was.  ($6 for balloons and mugs)

Next, also at the dollar store I bought floral foam.  ($1)  I knew I had a ton of wooden meat skewers at the house already, so I was all set.

Most of the candy, I could just push the wooden skewer through.  Just went right through the wrapper into the chocolate.  But some were too solid, like this butterfingers.  So I had to tape the candy onto the skewer.  Tape wasn't great, so I resorted to a couple of glue dots....perfect!  Two mini dots held up great, although I did put the tape on too.

After that, I just added more and more candy, adding more and more pieces.  Since the ballon had a wider stick, I put that in pretty early so I wouldn't run out of space.

Finally, I was done!  All three bouquets took me less than half and hour, and the cost for all three together, NOT each, was $19.  It would have been less had I not over estimated how much candy I would need.  Major hit in my book, but the best part was  how much the kids loved them.  And like I thought, K has already used her mug to make hot chocolate in - yum!

Thanks for reading!  Until next time-


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